Outsiderwear is a project in which talented “outsider” artists collaborate with emerging or already successful fashion designers, streetwear labels and artists. An outsider artist is an artist with, for example, a mental or physical disability, a psychological vulnerability or a “homeless background”. Nowadays there is already more attention for outsider art, but the world of outsider art rarely comes together with the mainstream creative industry. Outsiderwear breaks this dichotomy, and connects the worlds of insiders and outsiders through collaborations and various activities.

For 3 weeks streetwear made by the coolest “outsider” and “insider” artists was shown at different locations in Amsterdam, among others Outsider Art GalerieMuseum van de Geest | Outsider ArtDroogVriend van BavinkPatta StoreZeedijk60, Lil'Amsterdam and Sexyland World.



SEXYLAND World is a cultural clubhouse for creative (night) life with continuous programming in Amsterdam. A place where free space and shared ownership have been taken to a higher level by giving different cultural, creative and social initiatives their own space under the same roof.

Pocession face, from the series Vanitas, 2017 (c) Yves Sambu.jpg


The pop-up exhibition NOW LOOK HERE – The African Art of Appearance in Amsterdam North presented the work of eighteen African artists who use outward appearances to tell a deeply rooted story. They upend perceptions of Africa through the use of irony, beauty and style.