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The year 2023 stood out in many ways, as all the focus was placed on the Larnaca Biennale 2023 in Cyprus. Being the head curator of the event, Yev Kravt worked with over 150 artists and guided multiple events. The Larnaca Biennale is a dynamic city-wide project that celebrates artistic experimentation in contemporary art. Featuring an international open call, exhibitions, theatre, performances, concerts, activities, lectures and workshops, this event draws in over 25,000 visitors. The Biennale's overarching theme, "Home Away From Home," invited artists and visitors to explore the complex concept of home in our rapidly changing world. 

Simultaneously Yev Kravt curated the first BioDesign Festival in Cyprus with 20 different BioDesigners, land artists and creators, including a mycelium pavilion. 

Parallel Yev Kravt organised several lecture series around the Metaverse. 



HOME/HOPE Exhibition 

HOME/HOPE is a capsule exhibition centred on notions of belonging, identity and our dreams for the future at the Larnaca Biennale in Cyprus. Curated by Yev Kravt, this exhibition features 30 guest artists, all exploring the intricate theme of "home" from diverse perspectives.

Just a single letter differentiates home from hope; but does the notion of home exist without hope, and can hope truly surface without a place to call home? The subject of belonging opens up a myriad of stories, told in a multitude of ways. Home is a world we create, where we can unapologetically be ourselves. Hope, meanwhile, speaks to a world set free, brimming with possibilities. Whether our aspirations are personal or collectively shared, our inherent ambition to strive forward and evolve ushers in visions of a brighter tomorrow.


The power of art lies in its ability to capture a moment, a memory, a trace of reality, a dream, a feeling, an idea. Each creative expression finds imaginative new forms, coming to life in a variety of ways. Under the umbrella of ‘Home Away From Home’, artists and makers of all kinds were invited to imagine the theme of the Larnaca Biennale 2023 in their own authentic ways.

What is it that constitutes a ‘home’, beyond just bricks and mortar? Across the world, we’ve grappled for centuries with the many meanings of this word. Among others, the subject of ‘home’ can be approached from psychological, philosophical, environmental, architectural and technological perspectives. For millions of people across the world, home can also represent a lost memory, or a dream yet to be realised. 



The Larnaca BioDesign Festival was a 10-day experience that explored the intersection of design, science, and nature.

Our festival showcased the potential of BioDesign through exhibitions, hands-on workshops, and an insightful lecture by Dr. William Myers. We collaborated with BioDesign makers, land artists, local farmers, and ecology producers who worked together to create solutions to environmental challenges. One of the projects was to create mycelium pavilion by Stijn Dries and Ivana Mik. Also we had an exhibition on BioDesign called BioSculpt. All-in-all we delved into the pressing environmental challenges of our time and the pioneering solutions being developed through BioDesign.


MetaTalks was a series of talks where we spoke with artists and tech specialists about the evolving Metaverse. Every talk had a theme from AI to NFT's, from Different Realities to VR/AR.

A new technological universe has created new artistic landscapes. We had key speakers from different tech companies, Cypriot artists and lawyers joining the conversation to understand the matter better and to deal with these new digital realms. 

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