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From 2020, Kravt was collaborating on 4 astonishing shows in the gallery at Droog. One of them was the exhibition ONWARD & UPWARD - ART IN THE GARDEN OF LIFE

The group exhibition showed art as inspiration, guidance and solace in a life full of uncertainties.The exhibition was  on show in our gallery spaces from 2 October to 17 January 2021. 


The immediate cause for the exhibition ONWARD&UPWARD, which is curated by Droog’s co-founder Renny Ramakers and fashion designer Liselore Frowijn, is the unpredictable present we find ourselves in. However, have there ever been times full of certainty and security? The concept of ONWARD&UPWARD looked beyond COVID-19 to reflect on the insecurities and pitfalls of life, on the strength and power of life. Whatever happens, we must carry on moving ‘onward’ and ‘upward’ using all the means at our disposal.

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