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From 2021 until 2023, Kravt was managing in the cultural art club SEXYLAND World in Amsterdam. Where she was doing general management but also marketing, production, and curation, with various solo exhibitions such as Congolese photographer Yves Sambu and Nigerian photographer Stephen Tayo.


SEXYLAND World is a club, an art house, a hangout, 2 restaurants, a hairdresser and a gallery. A labyrinth of diverse cultural, creative, and societal initiatives with a single entrance and a shared vision. The building serves as a necessary place for cultural freedom, inclusivity, and creative experimentation. No closed doors, secluded studios, or offices, but 400m² of organized chaos. You can wander from an authentic Chinese Sichuan restaurant to a youth hangout with Moroccan tea and games, from a boundless Art Castle to Amsterdam’s most beautiful terrace with Surinam fusion cuisine, from the Iranian 65+ community to a club with a different owner every day. Flexible and noisy, accessible and diverse, with high and low quality but always unpretentious


SEXYLAND World is an attempt to connect (sub)culture, art, and other expressions of enthusiasm across all layers of society. Solidarity and radical heterogeneity form the foundation, whilst unexpected encounters are encouraged. Each initiative has its own space, programming, and style, but we share the entrance, finance, idealism, and audience. It’s a place that embraces experimentation and unpredictability, prioritizing the collective over the individual. It’s also a final attempt to resist the increasing conformity and suffocating market forces that seem to deprive contemporary Amsterdam of its soul, humanity, and diversity. SEXYLAND World is nothing less than a declaration of love for the city. 

the start of the sexyland world colelctive
Exhibition Stephen Tayo during Amsterdam Pride at SEXYLAND
one of the spaces of SEXYLAN D World - Order Sichuan Restaurant
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