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The power of art lies in its ability to capture a moment, a memory, a trace of reality, a dream, a feeling, an idea.


In my projects, I've explored various angles and views, where depth is key. For example, I worked with Jan Hoek, Duran Lantink, and the trans sex worker organization SistaazHood in Cape-town on the project Sistaaz of the Castle. Together, we created a fashion collection and a series of photographs based on the girls' appearance and ability to turn anything into the most exuberant outfits. The project resulted in an activist fashion show during Amsterdam Fashion Week, a photo exhibition in Foam, Red Hook Labs, New York, and a publication.


Another project I worked on was the N'GOLA Biennale of Arts and Culture in São Tomé e Prìncipe, which aimed to connect the community with artists, designers, and curators from all over the African continent. This multidisciplinary event celebrated the power and beauty of African arts and culture and how African artists and designers contribute to the future.


I also worked on the pop-up exhibition NOW LOOK HERE – The African Art of Appearance in Amsterdam. This exhibition showcased the work of eighteen African artists whose work at first glance stands out for its attention to outward appearance. On closer inspection, the exhibition revealed a deeper story, in which perspectives were reversed, and apparent footnotes to history were revealed as prominent figures.


During the pandemic, I worked on the exhibition ONWARD&UPWARD - Art in the Garden of Life. The exhibition drew inspiration from our uncertain present, where the COVID-19 pandemic and its varied implications continued to unfold worldwide. The exhibition reflected on the uncertainties and pitfalls of life and our enduring will to continue in the face of these challenges.


In the exhibition THE WORLD AS WE DON'T KNOW IT. A New Bond Between Humans and Earth, 22 international artists shared their visions about the climate crisis. The exhibition explored alternative ideas about our position as humans, how we can create for the next 100 years, and what animals, plants, rivers, and seabeds need.

Again in collaboration with Jan Hoek, I organized a festival OUTSIDERWEAR that brought together "outsider" artists with emerging and established fashion designers, streetwear labels, and artists. The festival showcased the work of 40 artists with varied backgrounds, ranging from niche artists and independent designers to big streetwear labels. The project has now become more sustainable in the form of a gallery called NO LIMITS ARTS CASTLE.

The last years I dedicated my time to a cultural clubhouseSEXYLAND World in Amsterdam that provides space for various creative, cultural, and social initiatives. With continuous programming and different events every day, the space has become a world of its own, working with different communities and partners.


My work explores the power of art to communicate and tell stories on a deeper level about themes, ideas and feelings you don't necessarily see on the surface. 


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