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As part of the program for the candidate city for European Capital of Culture, Yev Kravt curated the program for the Larnaka BioDesign Festival. The Larnaca BioDesign Festival was a 10-day experience that explored the intersection of design, science, and nature. We are more than just a festival; we are a platform for change, a catalyst for sustainable solutions, and a celebration of innovation. Our aim was to engage, educate, and inspire, bringing together a diverse community of visionaries, creators, and eco-enthusiasts.

During the BioDesign Festival she curated the exhibition BioSculpt: Co-Creating with Nature, with works by 7 internationally recognized designers and material library of the Holon Design Museum, who practice the process of co-creation with the natural environment. The artists' innovative design and the resilient living materials they use invite us to reflect on the sustainability of the planet and the need to start protecting its fragile ecosystems. The participants were Aleksey Manukyan, Diana Scherer, Elina Hadjinikola, Holon Design Museum, Julia Lohman, Marjan Van Aubel, Shushanik Droshakiryan and  Shahar Livne. The exhibition BioSculpt was on show from 27 October until 12 November 2023. 


Especially for the Larnaka BioDesign Festival a mycelium pavilion was created by Ivan Mik and Stijn Dries, several workshops were held and a lecture took place by William Myers. 


Exhibition BioSculpt
Inside the pavilion
Julia Lohman in BioSculpt
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