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From 2022 to 2023, Yev Kravt served as curator of the 3rd Larnaca Biennale, where she curated several exhibitions on the theme "Home away from Home," which were visited by over 60,000 visitors.  The Larnaca Biennale in Cyprus is a city-wide project dedicated to fostering artistic experimentation in contemporary art with an international open call, exhibitions, theatre, performances, concerts, activities, lectures, and workshops. 


With Home Away from Home as its overarching theme, the 2023 Larnaca Biennale took viewers on an exploratory journey through definitions of belonging, from the deep-rooted to the distant. More than just a built structure of walls, doors and furnishings, the notion of home might constitute something more abstract – a fleeting feeling, a treasured object, an evocative memory, a fixed place in time, an identity, or even a lengthy pursuit. What does it mean to feel at home, and what do we need to feel it? What happens when a home disappears? And what do the homes of the future look like? In a globalised world, where flows of human movement respond to changing socio-economic, political, and environmental concerns, questions such as these become a crucial guide for this edition of the Larnaca Biennale.

Municipal Gallery
Market out door exhibition
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