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MetaTalks is a lecture series centered on the Metaverse, exploring its various aspects and implications. Each MetaTalk session begins with a brief keynote address, followed by an artist talk or technical specialist presentation. By bringing together the art and tech communities, we engage conversations that delve deeper into emerging trends and technologies shaping our digital future. The four editions were held in Larnaca, Cyprus. 


The previous focus editions focused on AI, VR/AR, NFT's and Meta Architecture with each session building upon the last to explore these topics in greater detail. With in previous editions we had guest speakers such as: visual artist Michalis Charalambous, digital fashion designer PET LIGER, NFT and art lawyer Martha Visser, CEO of the AR-comapny Threedium Mike Charalambous and meta architect Maria Touloupou. 


Each session concludes with an interactive discussion.

METATALKS session 3 with PET LIGER

With Constantinos Panagiotou, artistic director of Metaverse brand PET LIGER who was a guest speaker at METATALKS 03.

Maria Touloupou's work Dream Scape

Work by meta architect Maria Touloupou, who was a guest speaker at the METATALK 04

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